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What is PKD?
PKD means Polycystic Kidney Disease, it is an illness of the kidneys, where cysts can be found. Depending how fast PKD developes, the cats may not become very old, if the cysts grow and increase fast. The disease was first recognized in Persians by Dr. Biller and DiBartolo. But meanwhile this disease can be found also in other breeds. Recently a DNA-testing was developed, before that test the cats were examined with ultrasound. Of course such cats are not used for breeding and are neutered.
How often must a cat be vaccinated ?
When a cat is vaccinated for the 1st time, each vaccination must be administered at least 2 times, where 4 weeks are inbetween those 2 boosters. Only if the first vaccination is administered twice, a complete protection can be established. Every vaccination must be renewed every year, but then only 1 booster for each vaccination is necessary.
Which vaccination should a cat have ?
At least a cat should have the following vaccinations: vaccination against rhinotracheitis and calici virus, vaccination against Panleukopenia, vaccination against Feline Leukose virus. Take care that only a serum with killed viruses is used to avoid reactions in a multiple cat household. Vaccination against FIP cannot be recommended, because this type of vaccine is yet not so developed as in other vaccines. Vaccination against rabies is necessary, when a cat shall be exported.
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