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What does the word category in FIFe mean ?
In FIFe the breeds are divided into 4 categories: Category I - Persians and Exotic, Category II - mostly semi-longhair cats plus their shorthair pendant, Category III - mostly the shorthair cats plus their longhair pendant, Category IV - all Oriental cats, like Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Shorthair and Longhair (former name: Javanese). Note: A breed is put into that category in FIFe, for which the first species was breed, for example: Abyssinians have been breed before Somalis, thus Abyssinians and Somalis are in category III, the 1st American Curl was a longhaired cat, thus American Curl Longhair and Shorthair are put into category II. In CFA and TICA only 2 main divisions exist: Longhair and Shorthair.
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