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What is the difference between a Smoke, a Shaded and a Shell?
All those colour varieties are with silver, i.e. the hairs are almost white at the base. A smoke cat looks like a solid coloured cat at the first glance. When the cat moves, one can see the almost white hair base. In winter the smoke cats have a frill, which glitters like silver. A shaded cat is almost white, only the tips of the hairs on the upperside are coloured. Those cats have mostly striking green eyes. A shell cat is even much lighter than a shaded cat. Only if one has a closer look to the cat, one can see that the outest hair tips are coloured with colour. Those cats are well known as Chinchilla. Please note, there exist silver shaded and silver shell cats as well as golden shaded and golden shell cats. In the Goldens the hair base is coloured with a pale yellow tinge.
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