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What is the difference between a FIFe-show and a CFA-show?
In a FIFe-show one judge judges a certain amount of cats (between 40 to 45 cats) and writes a judges report for each cat. A cat is judged only by one judge and get only one certificate in one show, f.e. 1 CAC, 1 CACIB, etc. In a CFA-show the cat is judged in several rings (i.e. is judged by several judges). A judge judges in such a show an entire category, either longhair or shorthair, or both categories together (i.e. the judge judges all the cats). The result of the judgement is listed in a result list, no judges report is issued. A cat may receive several awards in one show, the cat can become a Champion or a Grand Champion in one show, if enough judges rings are set up.
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