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Who we are
Previka Purrfection Exotic bluecream and white  

My dear cats have adopted me and I have a lot of pleasure with them. I have been breeding Exotic for 25 years. Now they are all neutered, because my cattery suffered heavily from PKD. But Exotics are still my great love.
I am breeding American Curl Shorthair and Longhair for 3 years now, a lovely and very friendly breed.

My hobby, judging cats

I am an allround judge since many years and had been invited in many countries. Thus I see often very beautiful cats of many different breeds. I am always pleased to become acquainted with another new breed. There is much left to learn about the specific breeds.

Where we live

We lived in Portugal for some years. We Persians suffered in summer from the heat, so we got a smart shorthair cut and looked like Exotics.
Afterwards we lived in Austria for many years, we enjoyed the peaceful life in the country side. Every time when we moved, our house became a little bit bigger. We love to have plenty of space, thus we can romp around in the whole house. Our mum is sometimes quite desperate, if she has to search for us, because we like hide-and-seek.
Now we live in Brandenburg. We have managed the movement quite well, because we had large transport cages. But for our mum it was a big stress to move all stuff by her own. We are living now in an old city villa with large rooms and folding doors. We immediately liked the new house, because we have plenty of space for playing and romping.


I hope, you will find many interesting subjects.

Looking forward to your


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