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The training becoming an allround judge is a long and sometimes stony way, it took me almost 8 years. First one must be a steward for 2 years, where you are busy and running the whole day, taking cats out of their cage and presenting them to the judge - and every judge wants to have it in a different way. But you may learn a lot and will carry many beautiful cats on your arms. Sometimes the job is rather dangerous, some cats are quite nervous, but their owner is even more nervous. And if the cat does not win all the prizes, often it is assumed that it was the fault of the steward.
Afterwards you must be a student judge in each category for 2 years, and in FIFe there are 4 categories. In each category one must sit for a written and a practical examination, must do parallel judging twice and must make 3 stages after each examination.
And all this has to be paid by yourself, which might get quite expensive in the semi-longhairs and shorthairs, because some breeds exist only in specific countries. Besides all this you must also have good knowledge in genetics, because a judge often must make a decision upon colour and must be able to understand the pedigrees very well.

Not all organizing clubs do accept student judges. One has to write many letters before being accepted as a student. And one does not get always a full student certificate. In particular it might become difficult in Persians and Siamese, because there are not always many cats present in the shows. Does this have a certain reason?

I worked in the judges commission for many years, and the standards, as we have them now, had been made by me.
Unfortunately this job gets too political very often, which I never liked, because the cats are pushed aside. Often we had to deal with complaints from exhibitors against judges, who did not want to accept a judge's decision. But we also had complaints from judges against judges, as if it would not be a hobby. The word "hobby" is quite often worn out and misused, despite our wonderful hobby should be a source of pleasure and our cats should always be in the spotlight.
The motives, why this or that colour or breed is accepted for championship, are not always based upon our cats. It was always important for me to get new colours and breeds recognized because of the respect for the breeders, who spent a lot of work and time, and to honour all their efforts. If nature is able to produce this variety of colours and breeds, one has to take off his hat with deep respect.
I was very lucky also to make student judge with well known American judges. And I have learned something wonderful with them, that all cats are an artwork of nature, which one has to meet with great respect.



I hope, you will find many interesting subjects.

Looking forward to your


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