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What is important for me when judging

When I did not have all categories, I was more tuff as I am now, because I always thought how serious and bad all those defects might be. But the more categories I got the more I started to compare all the breeds with each other, and the more I started to consider carefully, if it was a vital defect or a defect which only disturbed my feeling of esthetics.
Details like those, if a Persian has a very short nose (I have never been a fan of) or a slightly longer nose, loose their importance. Details like, if a Siamese is as extreme as possible, loose their importance.
There is nothing more beautiful than a well groomed Persian, whose coat is shiny and whose eyes look interested in his surrounding. What important role does it play, if his nose is not so short and if he is not so extreme?
There is nothing more beautiful than an elegant Siamese, whose muscles on the slender body and long legs look as pretty as in the famous marmoreal statue of the young man throwing the discus. What important role does it play, if the ears tip over like in bats?

Other values become more important and are in the spotlight, such as health condition, a well balanced bone structure, harmony, elegance of movement and a refined appearance. In nature there are very few extreme creatures, everything follows the principle of balance and harmony. It is us human beings who unfortunately disturb that balance in nature and who breed sometimes to the extreme limits.



I hope, you will find many interesting subjects.

Looking forward to your


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