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Maxxi und Donald
Donald and Maxxi
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I am Donald, an Exotic bicolour black mackerel & white.

Previka MacDonald, Exotic black mackerel & white

I am a boy and neutered. I am now 6 years old, I'm the largest amongst my 5 brothers, and I'm not such an extreme cat.

Who I am

I am out of a litter of 5 boys, four of my brothers are Exotic, only one was a Persian.
My mammy is a Calico Persian, she is always a bit nervous and always busy with something. My daddy is a black mackerel and white Exotic, very calm and sociable. I think we have got our size from him. I am a bottle fed child, and - as you can see - I've become a large and solid boy.
I am a half-orphan, because my master, who gave me the name, left us all and did not care about us any more. I have not been so confused like my brother Maxxi about that, Maxxi always needs more time to overcome such things. I am quite satisfied that our mother takes care about us all, and I am happy to sit with her watching the TV. I like movies, because there is always something moving. I am also now handsome again, I really was upset about all that stress which our master has caused us. I like it cozy and do not want to have stress or any hectic, and I enjoy to treadle on mother's lap and to be cuddled by her.

Did you have a closer look on my photo?

Yes, you noticed it correctly, I ride on my own toy-cat like Maxxi, mine is a black and white toy-cat. Amongst each other, Maxxi and me, that is clearly regulated, the blue and white toy-cat belongs to Maxxi and the black and white toy-cat belongs to me. Thus I am always a handsome boy and do not spray anywhere. Our mother has trained us for many weeks, because she does not like our spraying. I guess, she calls that conditioning.

You should also visit my brother Maxxi.


I hope, you will find many interesting subjects.

Looking forward to your


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