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Previka Guiseppe
My Papa Previka Guiseppe
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I am Minisepp, a bicolour Persian mackerel and white.
Previka Minisepp, Persian black mackerel & white

I am a boy and neutered. I am now 6 years old.

Who I am

I am Minisepp, the mini longhair copy of my Exotic daddy.
My mammy is a tortie tabby Exotic, a lovely but shy person. My daddy is a mackerel and white Exotic, a large and sociable cat, who lives now in Berlin.
I am also a half-orphan, because our master left us all and did not care about us any more. I was so worried that we would be separated from each other, our values even should have been estimated. I am always worried, that something unpleasant might happen, and I am so glad now, that we all can cuddle with our mother. I really like to sit besides mother and treadle on her lap, and enjoy our comfortable evenings on the sofa.
I am a little shy and want to have it quiet, I do not like to be in stress.



I hope, you will find many interesting subjects.

Looking forward to your


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