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Previka Paddy Junior blue & white
My son Paddy Junior
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I am Paddington, an Exotic bicolour cream tabby & white.
Fagervoll Paddington, Exotic cream tabby & white

I am a boy and neutered. I am 6 years old now.

Who I am

I am Paddington, a true American and highly decorated with prizes.
I am also a CFA-Champion and have been taken by my mum to Europe. In some way I was quite happy that I did not have to live in a cage any longer, but it took me a long time until I was able to get the right orientation. Scratching trees and high up shelves are still weird for me, I prefer to sleep on the sofa in the living room.
I always have been shy and want to have a quiet living environment, I do not like stress at all and we all had too much stress. It took me a long time to realize that we all are now half-orphans. But now I am very satisfied, because it is so peaceful and cozy now in our new home. I am too fat, my mum says, but I love to eat. I also do not run away now, when my mum wants to cuddle me.

I am very proud of my sun, Paddy Junior. Was this a well done production of mine! He likes to lie on on his back and purrs so loud, he also wants to mate my mum. But he is so handsome like me and never sprayed. We both have never been in hurry with the females.



I hope, you will find many interesting subjects.

Looking forward to your


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